Home Recording Tips

HRC has a large collection of tips and tutorial articles available for your reading pleasure. These articles cover a wide range of home studio topics including recording, mixing, mastering, effect processing, signal routing and much more.

Computer Based

(35 Articles)
Read about recording issues that are specific to computer-based recording studios.

Do-It-Yourself Projects

(23 Articles)
Some great projects that are easy to do and will help you save a lot of money by doing them yourself.

Effects and Signal Processing

(14 Articles)
Which effects do what and how? Find out by reading some of these article to help de-mystify these effects and signal processors.

Miking Techniques

(14 Articles)
This is a collection of articles about different types of microphones, their strengths and weaknesses, and different placement techniques to help capture the many facets of sound.

Mixing and Multitracking

(12 Articles)
Learn how to get the most out of your mixer and multitracker. Learn a little bit about everything from track bouncing to getting even sound levels and beyond...

Music on the Internet

(9 Articles)
A collection of article about posting, streaming and marketing music on the internet.

Premastering and Mastering

(8 Articles)
Tips to give your recording that more professional, polished sound that can set you apart from many other home recording artists

Product Reviews and Overviews

(69 Articles)
Here you will read reviews, opinions and overviews of a variety of products for the home, project and/or professional studio environment.


(6 Articles)
How does one write song? What order do certain taksa get done? Get here how you get the job done.

The Soapbox

(15 Articles)
Ya want to vent some frustrations or sing some praises about anything recording-related, take your turn on the soapbox.