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About TheTincanbug

TheTincanbugMusical background, desolate corporate future. I record music at home in the spirit of existential protest.

My musical influences incude: Frank Zappa, Primus, Al diMeola, Phish, Hendrix, Santana, Grateful Dead, Bela Fleck, Crash Test Dummies, Robert Johnson, Muddy Waters, Joe Satriani, King's X, the Police, Nine Inch Nails, Steve Vai, 80s metal not including glam rockers. Pop music is the decaying reverb that follows the thundercrack of inspiration.

My new music, what I've done since putting together my home studio in Spring of '02, is posted in the Member's Music section, in the Rock (Pro member) and Intrumental (Pro member) sections. A link to my old music '90-'95 is in the Rock section, Standard Members side.

My Studio

Rig - 800 Mhz Frankenstein parts computer w/ 256MB RAM
Cool Edit Pro
Mixer - Behringer MX602a
Compr. - Alesis Nanocompressor
Mic - Shure SM57, Oktava MK 012 condensor.
Booth - one small walk-in closet w/ remote computer station on a keyboard/mouse/monitor a/b switch
Guitars - Ovation Celebrity hardbody electric, Fender Bass, Takamine classical g., Yamaha acoustic g. F335
Little used drum machine - Alesis SR16
Assorted hand drums, shakers, bangles, jinglers, whackers, bangers, thumpits, and crashbooms.

I will soon have a banjo for Christmas.... oh yeah... :)

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