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About olddog

I'm just getting back into playing and recording after about a 18 year hiatus. My main influences are The Beatles, Foreigner, Steely Dan, Clapton and many more. I like a very wide range of music from Connie Francis to STP, AC/DC and even some of todays current stuff, though I'll admit it's finally getting harder to find music I like, but good music is good music regardless of genre or decade ;).

My Studio

Sonar 8.5PE, Adobe Audition 2.0
Ozone 4, HarBal & Assorted Plugin's
Q6600 Quad 2.6GHZ w/3GB Mem, M-Audio Delta 44
'77 Gibson SG
Roland Cube 30 Amp
Boss GT 6
GuitarRig 3/4
Takamine F400 12 String acoustic
Takamine 6 String acoustic
'65 No Name Bass from Montgomery Wards ;)
Shure SM57 & SM58
Roland TD6S
Eurorack UB2222FX-Pro Mixer
Yamaha SPX 90
Ibanez DMD2000
Fostex R8
Fostex 250

Contact Info

Homepage: http://www.soundclick.com/startingover