Condensor Mic's and Amps

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Cone Poker
Member Since: Apr 07, 2002

Is it safe to put my condensor mic in front of my amp? I'm using a small Peavey Rage 158 and mic'ing it to record but I don't want to damage the mic. I think that condensor mics can handle high SPLs but I don't want to assume and ruin my gear.

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Since: Dec 30, 2002

Nov 20, 2003 05:27 am

yeah, that'll be fine, just don't go sticking them infront of silly things like 300W bass rig's

(funny story: I have a friend who swears on mic'ing up bass cabs with an AKG414 - I feel sorry for those little mic's, I really do!)

...bringing sexy back
Since: Jul 01, 2002

Nov 20, 2003 05:31 am

bet the sound's top though...

Since: Apr 03, 2002

Nov 20, 2003 05:37 am

I record my bass direct through my Ampeg's DI these days andget a great sound. I personally don't like mic'd bass cabs, tho I sometimes toss an SM57 in front of mine just to get a little depth to the sound.

...bringing sexy back
Since: Jul 01, 2002

Nov 20, 2003 05:49 am

that di'd bassline ya did for me ws pretty sweet, sounded cool!

Cone Poker
Since: Apr 07, 2002

Nov 20, 2003 03:52 pm

cool thanks gang.

Chief Cook and Bottle Washer
Since: May 10, 2002

Nov 24, 2003 09:55 pm

Well, I have done it, and with success. However; I did put quiet a distance between the amp and the mic. Put an NT1 at about 3 foot back. I did have a very large room with plenty of distance behind the mic and had to use a number of cubicle dividers to keep out noise and reverb. A sound pressure meater is a good thing to have if you are planning on attempting this. It is one thing that Rad Shack sells that works pretty well.

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