Contributor Profile - 12/30/2002

About jues

Audio Engineer and Web Designer.

My Studio

Studio Gear:
Focusrite VoiceMaster Platiunum, JoeMeek M3Q channel strip (preamp), Rode NT-1, Shure SM-58, Shure SM-57 (x3), Oktava MK319, dbX 266 Stereo Compressor, ART Multiverb Alpha 2, Behringer MX802A Mixer (for live use), AKG Large Drum Mic Set, Roland JP8000, Tascam D80 Hard Disk Recorder.

3.0Ghz P4 w. 512Mb PC3200DDR (Hand built) and an M-Audio Delta 410, 20" monitor, Cubase Nuendo 2, Waves NPP.

Tannoy Reval Actives.

Contact Info

Email: [email protected]
Homepage: http://www.flipcycle.com
MSN: [email protected]