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About flame

flametheflame... was formed in 1999 by james burling, then of cambridge, england. a regular on the cambridge gig scene, james left the live arena in late '98 to concentrate on capturing forever some of the hundreds of tunes he had written and performed in the previous years. six long years of
honing his audio production skills, and the eagerly anticipated first release from theflame... is due for release any time now.

theflame... make EeDe. EeDe is melodic acoustic / electronic music. classic songs without stale production or the conventional limitations of what can be played in real life by real musicians. not to say that these wonders of virtual musicianship are always exercised, but they're there in the wings, to be used to killer effect at any time. we write on guitar but dont necessarily use it in the recording process.

theflame... enjoy the music of Cotton Mather and Aphex Twin

theflame... is always one word, three dots. the time you save on the space makes time for the dots!

My Studio

its a secret. no, not really. cubase, fruityloops (my xmas pressie to myself) behringer mixer and pre, and a ton of mics. oh yeah, and lounge lizard, a mellotron vsti and a 303 emulator. i love that thing.

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