How does CEP2.0 stack up?

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Another question for the assembled that hopefully you can help me out with.

I first started doing basic hard drive computer recording using Goldwave, which obviously is very limited due to it just being a wave editor. I got a copy of Cool Edit 1.0 back in 1999, and used that until I got Cool Edit Pro 2.0.

I've been very happy with CEP, and haven't exactly found it lacking for most of the things I want to do...but I keep reading about all these other software programs out there and I was wondering how it really stacked up against them? I'm totally unfamiliar with the other programs' interfaces and options and so forth.

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Dec 15, 2004 12:21 am

Well, CEP's two main shortfalls to me are that 1, it doesn't do nearly enough with midi, and 2, it can't utilize VST plugins. I'm sure there are other things that other programs can do that CEP can't but, there's usually a work around in CEP. I think it's a great learning app, and then if you find you have outgrown it, you can move up to Sonar or Cubase or even Pro Tools if you so desire.

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Dec 15, 2004 12:28 am

I had CEP 2.1 which I understand was quite an improvement over v 2.0. I now use Audition 1.5 and have tried Sonar.

My feeling is IF you don't need midi support or in the case of CEP-AA 1.0 you don't need VST or VSTi/DXi support it stacks up very well compared to Sonar and in some ways is better especially AA 1.5, and some areas lacking, one being Automation if you use that sort of thing.

I found CEP/Auditions interface and general usage to be easier to learn and very intuitive. Sonar seems at least, to be a bit more robust as far adding effects to tracks vs CPU usage, though most times I have no problems and you can always Lock tracks if CPU usage becomes an issue.

I would recommend you take advantage of the upgrade offer Adobe has to upgrade to AA 1.5. At $69 for the upgrade, even if later you decide to go with another app for multi-tracking, AA will still be valuable as a wave editor/mastering app, and it will ensure your upgrade path for the next major release of AA. AA 1.5 does add support for VST but not VSTi/DXi among several other enhancements.


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Dec 15, 2004 12:53 am

It may be time to upgrade but I would'nt abandon CEP completly cause it is still a good program if nothing else it's great wave editor but I'll just shut up now since i have just noticed someome said pretty much the same thing Doh!

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