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Ok so heres the deal, I want to run a duel preamp and duel compressor rig with my rolland 2480, then out of that into My protools rig. So my question is this....

What are some good sounding Pre's and Compp's that are midranged in price.. when I say mid.. I mean low-end mid, I just threw a couple g's into my PT rig. so im looking to not have to sell my 4 wheeler.

I was going to go with Distressors, But $1200 a pop was alittle steep for me.

And please for me only speak from experience, I cannot afford to take the word of someone on a product they do not own.

also to get a better idea on what they will be used for, Drums, Heavy bass, Vocals. Figure i will mic and compress guitars maybe, or maybe just DIR them... so Alternative music.

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Oct 07, 2004 12:59 pm

um, not sure what low mid end is to you. And I'm not sure if you are looking for a piece of equipment that has both compressor and mic pre in the same housing. But, I will tell you that I'm using a Grace Model 101 mic pre, and I pretty much only use it for vocals. But it sounds super, duper clean. It's a solid state pre and goes for about $600. If you have the money for one of these, they sound great.

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Oct 07, 2004 01:02 pm

I won't touch the pre's (doesn't your PT rig have any?) but a great little and reasonably priced compressor is;bfmtype=gear I do own one, and have for years. I know several others that do to and really dig 'em.

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Oct 07, 2004 01:48 pm

Look for FMR's RNP (really nice preamp) and RNC (really nice compressor). I do not own them but i have heard them and they sound great. I beleive that Mercenary Audio has them and will even build a custom rack for them for you.

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