Member Profile - 12/23/2003

About Karetaker

I've been playing bass since 1978. I've been in a band all but two months of that time.

I became interested in recording about 20 years ago. I bought a Tascam 38 8-track and a Ramsa WR-8816 board. I'm still using both to this very day. I've just recently decided to take my recording more seriously and hope to open a studio in the next few years. I prefer analog recording over digital. Although both formats have their advantages and disadvantages. My next big purchase will be a 24 track 2" reel to reel. Of late I've been buying quite a bit of outboard gear. I guess I better start booking more bands to record... this is getting to be a real expensive hobby.

My Studio

Tascam 38 8-track reel to reel
2 DBX noise reduction
Ramsa WR-8816 mixer
Peavey noise gate
Behringer noise gate
Alesis Midi-Verb
Digitech 1900 Delay
Digitech Harmonizer
Alesis Copressor
2 EV 31 band graphic EQ's
2 Ashly Compressor's
Ashly dual Compressor
2 Rane dual 15 band graphic EQ's
Ashly 31 band graphic EQ
Yamaha 31 band grapic EQ
Ashly dual parametric EQ
Antares ATR-1A Auto-Tune
T.C. Electronics Finalizer 96K
ART tube pre-amp
Yamaha dual channel compressor
Lexicon MPX-500
DBX PB-48 Patch Bay
Furman Patch Bay
Phillips CD recorder
TC Helicon Voice Works

SM-57 microphones (many)
SM-58 mircophones (many)
Sure KSM-27 microphone
2 AKG C3000B microphone
Sure KSM 109 Micophone
Oktava 319 Microphone
2 Sure Beta-58
2 Sennheiser 421
Sennheiser 609
Neumann U-87
Many other misc. mics

Alesis Monitor One MK2 studio monitors
Alesis RA300 Power Amp
Rolls Headphone Amp
Behringer Headphone Amp
2 AKG 240-M Headphones
Sennheiser Headphones
Rapco 24 by 8 channel snake
Many, MANY other smaller sub snakes

11 piece Pearl drum kit (and yes, that is only counting the drums... It's a pretty big kit)