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About Dematrix

Ive been playing music for 16 years. Vox, Guitars, Bass, drums, Keys. but mainly Vox n Guitars.

to update my blog 5/04/2011.......whats happening?
SFA as usual.

My Studio

1x iMAC with 4gig ram.
1x Cubase 4
1x Sennheiser HD280 headphones
2x Shure sm 57's.
1x Shure sm 58.
1x Shure SM7b.
1x Audix i5
1x Rode Nt1 condenser mic.
1x Sure cordless mic.
1x Joe meek twin Q mic pre.
1x Tascam US-1641 USB interface 16 inputs with cubsase LE4.
2x KRK V4. studio mons.
2x EMES studio mons.
1x Peavey 80watt studiopro/transtube combo amp.
1x Peavey 6505 120watt tube amp with Ibanez Thermion quad box, running a Maxon 808 OD pedal in front and a Rocktron Hush noise exterminator and 15 band stereo eq through the FX loop.
1x Zoom 505 effects pedal.
1x BC Rich Virgin rip off, with EMG bridge pick up. soon to be a wall clock.
1x Esp Ltd MHB-400 Baritone with EMG's.
1X Esp Ltd MH-400NT EMG's.
1x ESP ltd200 emgs
1x Kramer Striker
1x 6 piece Shure drum mics.
1x Roland keyboard 49 key.
1x EZdrummer DFH xpansion.
1x BFD2.
1x Superior drummer.
1x Pod farm platinum.
1x East West Symphonic Choirs software
40x 88mm dunlop nylon guitar pics. ha ha ha, so funny.