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Member Profile - 03/27/2003

About MinkusMaz

"If a nation expects to be both ignorant and free, it expects what never was and never will be." Thomas Jefferson

My Studio

mobile rig
(2) Royer R-122 (matched pair)
(2) AKG C1000S
(6) shure SM57
(3) shure Beta 52
(1) oktava MK319
(1) allen & heath mixwizard 16
(2) MOTU 828mkII - w/Black Lion Audio upgrades
(1) Alesis 3630 - w/Black Lion Audio upgrade
(1) presonus acp88 8-channel compressor unit
(1) behringer ultracurve pro deq2496
(1) behringer patchbay
(1) little labs ibp
(1) little labs ibp jr
all wired up with mogami cables

older gear
(1) behringer MX802A
(1) audiophile 2496
(1) delta 44

Sony MDR-V900 headphones
(2) akg headphones
Behringer monitors (want better ones!)
recorded on Sonic Foundry Vegas 3.0
additional editing with Sonic Foundry Sound Forge

dell inspiron 9300

pc (minkusmaz brand)
P4 2.6GHz 533 MHz FSB
intel PESV mobo
two 80 gig, 7200RPM western digital hard drives

bass gear:
ampeg PR410HLF cabinet
ampeg svp-pro tube preamp
qsc plx2402 power amp
furman pl-tuner power conditioner/tuner
skb 8-space rotorack

guitar rig:
THD flexi 50 head
marshall 1960V cabinet
marshall plexi reissue head
marshall 1960BX cabinet
furman pl-plus power conditioner
skb 4-space rotorack

ernie ball volume (mono)
electro-harmonix q-tron
electro-harmonix hot tubes
electro-harmonics holy grail
carl martin compressor
carl martin delayla
akai headrush E2
radial switchbone
boss flanger
mxr evh phaser
dunlop adjustable q wah

gibson les paul standard limited

ibanez SR800

extra instruments:
hand piano
moog etherwave theremin

currently building my own drumset from parts

Contact Info

Email: [email protected]
Homepage: http://www.minkusmaz.com/
AIM: MinkusMaz