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About zekthedeadcow

Music career started with a Christian Emo/Metal group called BattleSound in 1999. BattleSound lasted for 3 years before it broke up.

Currently mostly doing film and video production.

Prior experience is:
2 years Maple Valley High School, Vermontville, MI - marching band, concert band, and jazz band.
2 years New Albany High School, New Albany, OH - marching band, and concert band with 1 year of jazz.
1 year with the Battle Creek Youth Orchestra, BattleCreek, MI

I have studied jazz, swing, rock, emo, metal (especially during algebra), orchestra, and marching for about 14 years.

My Studio

Arch Linux (Ardour,Hydrogen, etc...)
JVC HD110 camcorder with Firestore
Arri 16S 16mm camera
Arri 2B 35mm camera
Keystone A7 16mm camera
Lomokino Super35 camera
Pentax K100D DSLR
MOTU Traveler
Edirol FA-66
rebuilt Pearl Export 5 piece drum set
Samic 5 string bass
Fender 300 bass amp
Hartke 4-10 cabnet
Alvarez Dreadnaught Acoustic Guitar

Contact Info

Email: [email protected]
Homepage: http://www.track100.com