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whosyourdaddy00Find your quiet space. Lower the lighting and unplug the phone. And for the love of God, turn off the TV. That evil box is the antithesis of inner thought, it is a jabbering knave that never shuts up or listens, it is expressly designed to steal your attention and direct it to its own petty needs. Turn it off or, better yet, throw it out the window

Nashville, TN

My Studio

Compaq dual core 1.6 mhz 3Gb ram
Vista Ultamate
Presonus Blue Tube (preamp) which i never use
Presonus Firestudio Project (8x8 fw interface)
Event 20/20bas Monitors
M-audio Oxygen II midi controller
Roland JX-305 Groovesynth

Sonar 3 Producer
Reason 2.5
Wavelab 4

MV Pedulla Pentabuzz (5 string fretless bass)
Trace Elliot RAH400SMX head
Heartke 2.5XL cab

Contact Info

Homepage: http://www.printertainment.com/
MSN: [email protected]