Member Profile - 04/05/2002


I currently am a singer, play guitar, drums, bass and a new "recording engineer". (Used in the loosest sense of the word) So far what I seem to be able to provide the most coherent and reasonably intelligent replys to are drum questions, and setting up PA type systems, even though that isn't technically what this site if for, but most of play live as well as record, so I will try to help with any questions I can and try not to ask too many stupid ones in the process! :) This site is great and I know you can learn a lot, like I have!

My Studio

Computer: Dell 1.8Ghz, 768MB RDRAM, Win XP Pro
Software: Sonar 2.0
Soundcard: Aardvark Q10
Monitors: M-Audio SP-5B speakers
Mics: Vocals-AT3035 Drums:AT Kit-Pak also SM 57 and few other dynamic mics
Guitars: Taylor acoustic/electric
Epiphone Sheraton
OLP 4 string Bass
Amps: Line 6 Flextone II Plus
Drums: Maxwin by Pearl + Zildjian Cymbals

Contact Info

Email: [email protected]
MSN: [email protected]