I am recording vocals and i keep on getting the popping sound

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ok i've noticed when i record live vocals and music i also pick up some popping noise... what could i be doing wrong to be having this effect

cubase sx
sound forge

m-audio delta card
athlon xp 2200
1.gb of ram

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jimmie neutron
Since: Feb 14, 2005

Sep 10, 2005 07:06 am

What is your definition of "some popping noise"? Are you talking about a sound like right after the milk is poured over a bowl of Rice Krispies? Just some little light clicks & pops? (digital "artifacts") Or are you talking about the audio is stuttering and skipping and you see odd looking spikes in the wave form in the audio editor? (like a "sync" problem) Or, are you talking about a loud, rude "PUHH" noise, like wind getting in the mic?

The last of the three is the easiest to deal with in prevention: mind your Peas and Bees. Even an "H" can do it, depending on your EQ settings and how much wind comes out of the singers mouth. Sing sort-of to the side, but in front of the mic, so the majority of the wind passes by the element instead into it. Use a "Pop" filter (as discussed in other threads, about different "methods" to obtain a female's hosiery...). Adjust the EQ (depends on the singers' range(s) and tibre (I think that's the correct term?). If the wind pops are already down, then it gets very difficult to remove them without losing some of what is wanted to be kept...

Whichever you're dealing with, respond and someone can try to help out. There are some whizzes in all aspects of audio here...

(Edit: that almost sounds rude: "whizzes", like urinating or something... I'll re-phrase that and use Wizards - Gurus, even. Exit, stage left, even.)

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