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Guitar masher of 35+ yrs., band work for 15, 10 yr hiatus, doing home recording & attempting to *slowly* build my "studio" (Out of necessity... on account ah I ain't got no money.)

My Studio

BioStar NF325-A7, AMD 64 3400+, OneGigMem, P-M Sea. 60G, P-S WD 80G ATA100, Maxtor 320G SATA, PNY 6200 128m AGP, "Antec Outside" case & 430w Thermaltake PS. Win2K SP4+, EMU 1820M (only card)-works great, v1.81 PM, v1.82 driver, Cubase LE, Samplitude v8 SE, Rode NT2-A mic, Martin D-35 guitbox, and other misc. gear. Vintage X Pro Vol 1 & 3!