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Hold 'Em Czar
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ok we tracked vocals for one of the "hits" of the album i'm dooin''s a bit more agressive and i wanted a grittier sound... the "police state" song some of you have heard used only the pad on the mic itself and that's it.....i cranked up both the "drive" and the output of my tube pre and had to use the -10db pad on the pre AND the -20db pad on the Roland that seems like too much to me, but i'll be damned if i got the nicest sound outta that pre by pushin' it so hard....the word "butta" came up alot durring mic did i do something "wrong" and overdo the pre's gain and just compensate by using the pads? do pads have any negative effect on the signal? (pun intended)



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Czar of Midi
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Apr 09, 2005 12:44 pm

Well honetsly a pad is just that a "pad". Now having said that though, yes in some ways it can cause you to have hideen artifacts that might not be heard at first. I have honestly taken to adding most of my drive via DSP FX now. But yes overdriving a nice pre-amp will probably sound a bit warmer for the most part.

But short answer here, yes stacking the pads can tend to hide things, but no it isnt really a bad thing to do. I guess if that is the only way you can get the Butta sound then that is how you have to do it. Untill ya find another way to get it.

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