Best mic pre: Fostex FR-2 or Sound Devices MIxPre?

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I am currently using a Sony TCD-D8 DAT recorder. I am thinking of improving this system with a Sound Devices MixPre microphone preamplifier. However, the price of the Fostex MixPre is really low so I might buy this recorder instead. But what kind of microphones preamplifiers do you get with this machine?

Of course it is not the same price range and the FR-2 would allow me to do 192 kHz/24 bit recordings but the quality of the preamplifiers is crucial.

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Nov 24, 2004 06:16 am

I would assume the preamps with the Sony are probably average, considering the price of the unit. However, I notice that the mic input jacks are 1/8" and the SNR isn't that great, but not bad. I don't think a great preamp will make that much of a different unless it has a digital output on it that you can plug in to the digital input on the unit.

Just my two cents...

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