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Howdy All,
Originally posted this in the Mixing forum before I realized it should be here, oooops. Here is another that we just got done doing a few months ago. I will probably send these in for professional Mastering but what do you think about the Mix thus far. This one is called Seize the Day.

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Apr 16, 2014 08:55 pm

Maybe it's just me or my speakers, but the synth choir (assume synth choir) seems a mite loud in the overall mix...love the chick vocals though! I do think the backing vocals/synth vocals are overpowering though.

Cool tune though!

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Apr 17, 2014 04:02 pm

Just listened to this. The synth in the intro seems quite loud? I might back this off a few dB and ramp up the guitars. Over all the tonal balance is quite bright and scooped. Not necessarily a bad thing, just lacking a bit of meat for my taste. I wanna feel that snare some more! What kind of stereo bus processing are you using? I can hear the stereo limiter really working in the chorus. I think it might stealing some of the punch from the drums also.

I think the vocal sound a bit thin. The balance of the two vocals in the chorus could use some tweaking. Have you thought about double tracking and hard panning L and R the lower harmony and adjusting it tonally to have a bit more warmth compared to the lead vocal?

Also, I think you could do some interesting vocal delays :0)

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