tascam us-1641, m-audio studio pro 3 monitors, and cubase le5

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wound up buying all this stuff bundled in a package with some mxl condensers, for relatively inexpensive.

after playing some music on the monitors to see how they sound i opened up cubase to find that no sound was going into my monitors from cubase.

is this because the monitors should be hooked up to the tascam interface? rather than the headphones out on my computer itself? if this is the case i can't hook up my monitors to either the "monitor L/R" output, due to the fact that the left speaker shares its power with the right. so i'd have to use only the right monitor output on the tascam.

in summary:
is anyone here familiar with the tascam us-1641?
is anyone here familiar with cubase?
how can i get sounds from cubase to play through the monitors?

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Apr 21, 2011 07:42 pm

Well, looking at a picture of the back of the monitors, it looks like there are RCA inputs for Left and Right channels (red + white) so I'd just run a couple of RCA cables from the tascam interface. You might need an RCA -> 1/4" adapter so you can plug them into the tascam though. But it should be doable.

But yeah, I'd send the output from the tascam to the monitors. Find a couple RCA cables, stick a 1/4" adapter on one end of each cable, and connect the monitors up with the tascam monitor outputs, and that should do the job. Should improve the sound somewhat as well.

The other thing to check (at least until you get some adapters) since it sounds like you're using both the tascam and the computer's internal sound chip via the headphone output, is to see which audio cubase is using for output. If it is using the tascam for output, that might be why you're not hearing anything through the computer's headphone jack. You might need to set cubase to use the computer's internal audio chip.

Hope that helps a bit.

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Apr 21, 2011 10:57 pm

you'll need to read the manual, or you'll get to a speed bump you cant get over real soon.

The Tascam setup pamphlet that came with all your stuff will tell you how to go about it.

Have you installed the Tascam drivers etc?

Basicaly if you done all that, and yer using the correct drivers and whatnot, then you'll need to go into vst connections in cubase and route yer stereo out to your mons. While ya there set up a mono in bus too, you'll need that eventually.

Also you wont be using you computers sound card you need to run thru the Tascam.
So basicly the Tascam is your soundcard so run it all thru that mate.

and yes the speakers are to be hooked up to the Monitor jacks on the Tascam.

computer to Tascam via Usb.

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Apr 27, 2011 06:19 pm

i have to proper drivers installed, and i have the input and output routed correctly. or so i hope. yet everytime i hit record, the audio flatlines.

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