LPF @ 16 kHz, does anyone else do this?

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A while back when I was analyzing some recordings, dance music in particular (music that is usually played really loud), I noticed that frequencies around 16 kHz rolling off steeply. Thus, I started to develop a habit of EQing most if not all of my instruments by putting low-pass filters around 16 kHz to get rid of some frequencies that hurt my ears when I play my music loud. I make electronic pop-type music and like my music to be played loud without it hurting anybody's ears. Is there any other way to do this? Does anyone put LPFs around 16 kHz?

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Jun 08, 2009 06:12 am

it depends on what instrument its for. Cymbals, hi hats and keys, anything that actually has this freq as a part of its natural sound already, can benefit greatly from a boost in this area, but more around 12k.
guitars, drums and bass, and if youre refering to a mix overall, most proly will not.

Im not sure that 16k. would hurt your ears that much though.
Unless the top end in general is just being thrashed completely.

If a track isnt using those top end frequencies at all, then they would just roll em off to get rid of hiss and excess noise. same with the bottm end.

to be honest i wouldnt know what freq that crazy irratating top end dance stuff is at. could be 16k indeed. being keys and samples and all. dunno, im a dumb*** metalhead.
i tried though.

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Jun 08, 2009 07:27 am

hahah thanks for the response deon :)
i dunno. i have really sensitive ears... and by sensitive, i mean REALLY sensitive, my best friend and i joke that I have anal ears LOL

that being said, I can hear a difference in each track before and after the LPF @ 16k, they sound a bit dampened to me, and lose their sparkle (which must've been those freq).

plus, i do believe in leaving those freq alone sometimes... sometimes i don't want to dampen those freq in vox or some other inst. any other people have any thoughts on this topic?

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Jun 08, 2009 07:37 am

i guess it comes down to, whatyou think in the end.
If you likes it, then its all good.

Final result in this case i wouldve thought would have alot to do with the mastering anyway.

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Jun 08, 2009 11:18 pm

Most of the [email protected] stuff I see is from (bad) MP3 encoding. No reasonable idea to do it "on purpose" that I can think of.

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