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i got to thinking tonight....when i was 11-13, my best friend and i would go out into the woods and climb tree's....we ate 'gobstoppsers' candy's and called them 'balance pills'...we'd climb trees, and turn bike handlebars into a makeshift 'zipline'....and also had a trampoline...i realized at a good age, i exercized this this area of my's all tied together.

now, the inner ear is the central control of the sense of by exercising that area of the ear is helping your hearing....

for example, i drink ALOT, yet have never experienced 'bedswing' or 'the spins' i can pass (trust me, i KNOW) most of these standard basic tests for being drunk.

i can also pop my ears (like in an airplane) at will, i've tried doing them independently, but can't quite get it....but the point is it's all DIRECTLY related...

so, in conceptual theory, balancing beams can help you hear...and vice versa.

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