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I'm just a guitar player and singer.I have no experience with midi whatsoever and I just recently bought an M-audio Axiom controller.I have too many questions but I'll just ask the ones that will get me started.First off I'm working on a Mac with tracktion.What I want to do is have access to some older synths,for ex. korg m1.Is there software out there for this application, where I would plug my controller in and whalaa,a korg M1.Or do I have to assign eveything manually?.Also any suggestions for software preferences would be appreciated.What soft synth offers a wide spectrum of sounds at a reasonable price.I'm friggin lost man.

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Apr 30, 2007 03:54 am

A mate of mine has this


It sounds great.

I think it has a stand alone feature so you can basically get crackin straight away.

It'll be a different story running it through traktion, I've not used it so i'm no help there but it won't difficult.

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Apr 30, 2007 08:17 am

or better yet from zZounds www.zzounds.com/a--884907/item--KORKLCDE

If you Axiom has typical DIN MIDI cables they should be able to control anything else on that MIDI chain with proper channel selections and such.

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Apr 30, 2007 07:59 pm

And don't forget you need to go into your options/preferances or what ever they are called in Traktion and assign the USB midi port from the Axiom as your midi i/o so you can control the synths. Also when you assign a synth track make sure the midi track is set for the Axiom as its input.

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