Someone explain "ringing out a room with an eq"

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I have seen "ringing out a room with an eq". Somebody explain please- then, if I bought an eq where in the signal chain would I get the most out of it ? With a Yamaha MW12 going usb to computer would it be in the fx loop while recording tracks? At mixdown could I use it there also? Thanks in advance - Adam

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Aug 13, 2006 06:19 am

ringing out is a techniqe use to get rid of feedback,,, basically you have the EQ between the mixer and the monitors and you slowly increase the volume of the main mover with all the mics on until it feeds bak... then you use the EQ to get rid of the feedback and repeat.

In my PA work I use a DBX Driverack PA to automatically do this (it's a little slow, but effective. It will also "pink" the room (play pink noise and flatten room tone) in about 5 minutes which helps a lot.

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Aug 13, 2006 06:07 pm

Well if you are recording in a software DAW then you really dont need an external EQ unit. It is much better to record flat and then EQ once the track is recorded if it really needs it.

Otherwise the hardware EQ would be used to tune you moniter system to the room you are mixing in. That would mean you would use it between the outputs of your mixer and the amp for the moniter's.

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