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How to "Make It" in the Music Business
Young aspiring musician? Want to know how the business works?
Contributed by Quincysan

Recording Studio Insurance
After spending all this time and effort building your studio and your business, are you insuring it?
Contributed by dbmasters

You don't have to spend hundred or thousands of dollars...
You can get started recording without taking out a second mortage on your house...
Contributed by dbmasters

Book list, with links, from TapeOp magazine article
If you read the latest issue of TapeOp Magazine, which you SHOULD, then you know what this is about, if not, Subscribe's free...
Contributed by dbmasters

Is Louder Better?
The ongoing debate of is louder better. Personal views on the subject,and examples of the "louder is better" application put into use.
Contributed by Geoff

Realize when you are a liquor salesman
Life gets easier when you work what you want to do in with what you have to do to get by in the local music business.
Contributed by dbmasters

Am I digital?
What is really important here anyway?
Contributed by Loki

Whoa, VST Networking from Steinberg...they did it again...
Love 'em or hate 'em, Steinberg is leading the industry in new studio innovations...and this rocks!
Contributed by dbmasters

Too Much Talk of Protection and Copyright
I am so sick of people whining about this protection issue...Argh...
Contributed by dbmasters

My New Windows eXPerience
A couple of installs and some exploring has actually made me like Windows XP...who woulda thunk it?
Contributed by dbmasters

Sonar Upgrade...Already!?!?!
Noize2u has to rant and rave about needing to upgrade Sonar in far less than a year!
Contributed by Noize2u

ACPI - Is it a 'Feature' or just another hassle?
Is ACPI yet another way Microsoft needlessly takes control of your PC and wastes your system resources doing it.
Contributed by dbmasters

Dig a Little Deeper
Go beyond the obvious as Noize2u preaches of invention and pushing the envelope.
Contributed by Noize2u

An Answer for an Old Question
"collapse", a regular at this message forum, takes a good, hard look at three amp sim boxes, the POD, J-Station and V-amp, and gives us his opinions on the experience.
Contributed by collapse

Thoughts on emotions and music.
Noize2u has a brush with conscience, and makes some great points we can all learn from.
Contributed by Noize2u