Do-It-Yourself Projects - Home Recording Tips

Some great projects that are easy to do and will help you save a lot of money by doing them yourself.

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Make Your Own Pedal Board
Had a sudden need (ok, want, whatevs) for a pedal board...didn't feel like spending the money, and had the urge for a project, from there and madness ensues...
Contributed by dbmasters

Bi-amp Set up
Detailed guide (very detailed) to setting up a bi-amped system.
Contributed by blueninjastar

The Importance of Acoustic Treatment
The how's and why's of acoustic treatment, the most under-rated, over-needed piece of the typical home studio.
Contributed by Keith Warren

Setting Up A Guitar
HRC member, Glenn Flowers, shows us how to properly set up a guitar that doesn't involve giving your local luthier money.
Contributed by glnflwrs

How to Soundproof a Garage on a Budget
One of the most common problems encountered by the proverbial "garage band".
Contributed by glnflwrs

Info On Power
I good, basic look at power and how it affects your studio.
Contributed by glnflwrs

All About Racks and Rack Rails
Everything you need to know about racks and rack rails for your home studio or pro audio studio -- especially if you're considering building it yourself.
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Contributed by alexfranke

How to Build a Studio Rack
A step-by-step tutorial on building a custom studio keyboard stand and equipment rack on a tight budget with 7th grade shop skills.
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Contributed by alexfranke

Mount And Mic Your Hand Drums Without Tears
An article that offers an inexpensive and effective way to mount and record your hand drums in the studio.
Contributed by TheTincanbug

Build your own spring reverb
Need a cool reverb sound? Or just bored? This is a cheap and easy project to add a weird vibe to anything you run through it.
Contributed by Loki

Portable Sampler for under $100 - the Minidisc!
Learn how to utilize a portable MiniDisc recorder for capturing sound samples and recording them to PC.
Contributed by Jamie Garrett

To Build A Studio?
How to go about building a studio, what to plan for and how to budget yourself.
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Contributed by TapeOp

Building Simple but Effective Sound Control Boards
Take a look at a simple plan to make studio sound control boards that have both reflective and absorbing qualities.
Contributed by dbmasters

Pay less for a Popless
Music stores can charge a fortune for a simple popless screen that can be built for next to nothing.
Contributed by dbmasters

Building Your Own Speaker Enclosures - Part 3
Part 3 in a 3 part series - covering construction tips and techniques.
Contributed by dbmasters

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