Effects and Signal Processing - Home Recording Tips

Which effects do what and how? Find out by reading some of these article to help de-mystify these effects and signal processors.

Compression Boot Camp
A great tutorial on using compression by an HRC regular and current staff member.
Contributed by whosyourdaddy00

Get Killer Guitar Tones...FOR FREE
Tips and tricks to getting a big, mean, rocking guitar sound...
Contributed by cocofromscotland

A look at the audible frequency spectrum
Building on previous article, and information from other sources, I have tried to compile a more complete look at EQing the audible frequency spectrum.
Contributed by dbmasters

Recording realtime effects tweaking!
Several ways to produce some excellent original source material, useful for any kind of experimental (or just mental) electronic music.
Contributed by Jamie Garrett

Types of EQ.
A description and guide to the 4 main types of EQ: Fixed, Sweepable Mid, Parametric and Graphic.
Contributed by jues

Making Music For The Financially Challenged
Why pay for what's out there free...and totally legal! Edition 2 - Jan 2003
Contributed by flame

Top Free Effects
Why pay for those delays, compressors and flangers when there's so many free out there...some of the best are here
Contributed by flame

DBX 386
A look into the mind of the DBX 386 compressor.
(On another website, opens in a new window)
Contributed by TapeOp

Amp Modeling Tech.
Amp Modeling Tech. A comparison between the top 3 selling Amp modeling systems The Johnson J-Station , The Line 6 POD2 , and The Behringer V-amp 2
Contributed by Geoff

To Compress or not to Compress?
A basic look at pre-recording and post-recording compression and reasons to do them
Contributed by dbmasters

Stupid EQ Tricks
George Sawyer walks through some tips to getting the most from your EQ by pointing out many key frequencies that can make a dramatic impact on your sound.
Contributed by george

Using Reverb
Reverb, an often misunderstood and under-respected effect. Learn some great tips to using it to it's fullest.
Contributed by Noize2u

All Equalizers are not Created Equal
There are a few different types of equalizers out there, which is right for you?
Contributed by dbmasters

Understanding & Using Dynamic Effects
Compressors, limiters and gates, and all the facts and fiction that surrounds their functions and uses.
Contributed by dbmasters