Mixing and Multitracking - Home Recording Tips

Learn how to get the most out of your mixer and multitracker. Learn a little bit about everything from track bouncing to getting even sound levels and beyond...

A Beginners Guide to Producing a Song
Cocofromscotland, long time HRC member and moderator, shares his method of tracking, mixing and producing a song.
Contributed by cocofromscotland

Mixing Console Signal Routing
A sometimes confusing subject for people new to large mixing consoles...let's take a look.
Contributed by dbmasters

Building and Setting Up a PA System - Part 1
Not really on topic of "Recording", but many recording artists also struggle with the issue of live sound.
Contributed by dbmasters

Looking at Surround Sound
What it is, how it works and why you should care...
Contributed by dbmasters

Getting Your Mix to...mix, Part One, EQ as event security.
The first of a series dedicated to concepts and techniques to help your mixes to find that perfect blend of clarity, punch, character and definition.
Contributed by blueninjastar

Mixing - part two.
The continuing journey through the wonderful world of mixing.
Contributed by george

Mixing - part one.
Some techniques for getting a good final mix. Some being widely used, and some, not so much...but they work, and that's what counts.
Contributed by george

Layering Sounds - Part 1
Regular contributor Paul Labarre discusses the fine art of blending instruments and sounds for unique and powerful results.
Contributed by Noize2u

Recording the Rhythm Section
How to make recording 3 or more instruments at once and still get good sound and separation.
Contributed by dbmasters

The Anatomy of a Mixer
Consistently a confusing piece of gear for folks new to recording and sound reinforcement, learn the basic of signal routing and paths into and out of a mixer.
Contributed by dbmasters

Using MIDI
How can MIDI fit into your music, and how does it benefit the home recorder with limited resources?
Contributed by dbmasters

Bouncing Tracks
If you are working with a four or eight track recorder, leanr how to get more out of it by bouncing tracks.
Contributed by dbmasters