Songwriting - Home Recording Tips

How does one write song? What order do certain taksa get done? Get here how you get the job done.

Notation and Tablature Sheets for Strings
Freely printable tab and notation sheets for various stringed instruments.
Contributed by dbmasters

Music Genre and Composition theory
My points on why different music genres should be explored and why situation matters in your music
Contributed by co7

Toward the Musical Frontier
This article provides a method for visualizing and understanding chord progressions even when you don't have an instrument nearby.
Contributed by fortymile

Songwriting Methods
The best way to learn to write songs is by writing songs. There is no other way. But how do you get started?
Contributed by TheTincanbug

Another Look at the Songwriting Process
This is a second article on the songwriting process. Everybody has different methods and motivations, this is typical for me...
Contributed by dbmasters

My Songwriting Process
My two cents on songwriting and how I do it.
Contributed by Loki