Miking Techniques - Home Recording Tips

This is a collection of articles about different types of microphones, their strengths and weaknesses, and different placement techniques to help capture the many facets of sound.

Basic Concepts of Drum Miking
Drums can be a challenge to mic and record, learn some techniques that can help you get a better result. (rewritten 5-2-2006)
Contributed by dbmasters

A Basic Look at Miking
Take a look at the basic concepts of miking as it applies to any sound and/or instrument. Originally published in may, 2001, was re-written in April 2006.
Contributed by dbmasters

Miking Basses, Revisited
How do you get a good bass guitar sound in the studio? Learn some techniques in this article.
Contributed by dbmasters

Miking Guitars Reloaded
How do you get a decent guitar sound in the studio? New engineers can use this intro guide to different techniques to try.
Contributed by dbmasters

Miking Drums
Quick overview of how one band met the challenge of miking drums
Contributed by wontdieinPA

The Mic Demystified: Part 1
Confused by all the different kids of microphones available to you? If so, this little intro to mics might be just what you need to clear up some of the confusion.
Contributed by el musico

Advanced Guitar Mic'ing and Mixing
Another long guide on the art of mic'ing a guitar cab with 2 different microphones to achieve a fuller sound. Also includes tips for use on mixdown to get that "pro" sound.
Contributed by jues

Drum Mic'ing, and Tracking onto Digial Media
A great (and very long) resource for guidelines to getting the best drum sound you can with what you have.
Contributed by jues

The Microphone!
An article on Phill's recording adventures with Dub Narcotic Studio in Olympia, Washington, will appear in an upcoming issue of Tape Op.
(On another website, opens in a new window)
Contributed by TapeOp

Recording drums can be a pain...
But everyone's favorite Fuzzball tries to make some sense of it and explain his technique.
Contributed by Johnny Hero

The Greatest Dynamic Microphone Ever?
George Sawyer, takes a quick look at dynamic mics, how they work and when they are useful. And, of course, adds in some personal opinions about the mics he likes best and why.
Contributed by george

Dirty Little Secrets
George Sawyer takes us for a lesson in the true meaning of necessity being the mother of invention, read some off-the-wall but very effective miking tricks.
Contributed by george

Misc. Instrument Miking Tips
Some basic tips and concepts to record any instrument that you might encounter in your recording adventures.
Contributed by dbmasters

Miking and Recording Vocals
Recording vocal is a fine art that can challenge even an experienced engineer. Learn some techniques to get a better vocal recording.
Contributed by dbmasters