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Hello everybody,

First of all Iíd like to say hi to everyone here; this is my first posting.

Iím new to home recording. Perhaps in a year (or less if Iím lucky) Iíll have turned a spare room I have into ďmy studioĒ, and will need more... sophisticated equipment. However, in the meantime Iíd like to buy some very basic home recording equipment.

What I need is an inexpensive USB interface, something I can connect to my PC to make very simple recordings of the songs Iím composing, both to work on them and to practice in order to tackle more complex projects in the future. I plan to record my guitar and my voice, many times (but not always) at the same time; then add very basic percussion (congas, for instance) and maybe a keyboard. Iím thinking of the final product merely as ďmusical memosĒ.

I donít need anything fancy, just an interface that allows me to plug one microphone (either condenser or dynamic) or maybe two at the same time; and later perhaps something else. Iím thinking of something from U$D 75 to U$D 150 (I donít want to spend much money now since this year Iíll have to invest a lot in my studio).

Iíd appreciate any suggestions.


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May 28, 2011 10:43 pm

Hi Oudis, and welcome to the HRC.

Do you plan to run a keyboard or need midi at all on the interface?

If you don't need midi, take a look at the Line 6 Pod Studio UX1 which is about $150. (formerly known as the toneport series)

It is pretty bare bones, but if you only need 1 mic, it might be a good start, and there's several folks around here who have some nice experiences with the UX1/UX2/KB37 interfaces.

There's also the GX which is very very minimalist, but is about $50 less than the UX1. Not sure about outputs on the GX, or if it's just the one guitar (line) input. But the UX1 definitely has 1/4inch outputs.

And of course the line6 stuff comes with the podfarm software for guitar/amp modeling goodness, which sounds like it might be up your alley if you're recording guitar.

The PreSonus Audiobox might be worth checking out. They usually make pretty decent stuff, and it would have midi support as well.

Beyond Line6, the Tascam US122 and 144 MK II's and the US 200 might be worth checking out. All have midi support.

The Roland Tri-Capture and Yamaha Audiogram6 look new, but I haven't heard much about them yet.

And I'd say steer clear of the Lexicon stuff. I've heard too many stories of people having problems with the Lexicon Omegas/Alphas/Lamdas.

Hope that helps!

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