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i know this has been touched upon before, but i seem to have a different (newer?) revision of the pcb in my behringer mx9000 power supply than what has been discussed here and on other forums i've seen about the (dismal) subject.

mine says:

MX9000 EURO 09 Power Supply

it's blue.

the symptoms of my mixer were - i turned it on one day and all the
red peak and green -20 leds lit up across every channel, and no sound was passing through.

the only thing i noticed prior to this was sometimes the light on the power switch did not always come on but it still powered up the mixer ok.

this was about a year after light use and of course just out of warranty, and behringer was no help.

i know there are guys doing upgrades to their power supplies, i was just wondering if there's anything peculiar or noteworthy about the version pcb that i have (rev d) in terms of better parts and part numbers to look for and/or any specific values specific to my revision of the board.

i'm going to try to have someone upgrade it and see if that solves the problem (gets it working again..)


and if anyone has scared up any schematics for this please let me know..


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