Yamaha USB Mixer - A novice needs your help

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Dear All,
First I must admit that I am new to all this. I wanted to record and webcast audio contents therefore I purchased this mixer. As I am very new to all this so may find my problems to be very basic so please do excuse me for this.
1) My output channels have a hissing sound, regardless the microphone is off. I hear the hissing sound from the headphone jack on mixer.
2) I need to attach two headphones to the mixer so myself and my partner could hear the output of mixer while recording. It has only one output jack on the top front. I am not able to understand what to use if I need to attach couple of more headphones.
3) The bass sound from headphone is great but when it is recorded in AcidPro 6, it completely disappears ?
I hope someone can offer some help on this.
Thank you.

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Czar of Midi
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Jul 06, 2009 04:19 pm

Can you give us a model number of the Yamaha USB mixer? There are several to choose from so it would be easier for us if we knew exactly which one you have.

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