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Hello, I was wondering if anyone could lend me a hand on MIDI in Acid Pro 6. It concerns FX automation.

Acid Pro gives you the option to use envelopes as a way of progressively and smoothly changing information on MIDI tracks. For instance, you can use the volume envelope tool to smoothly adjust the volume or of the MIDI event, or the pan envelope tool to adjust the pan.

However, I am finding that the envelope tool doesn't really do anything apart from volume and pan. I would like to add other envelopes over MIDI events such as lpf cutoff and resonance, but when I load another program to do so, such as the Resonant Filter, no workable envelopes appear. This is the same with the VSTs I am using.

I am aware that it is quite straightforward with loops, but MIDI seems to be a different matter. And the manual doesn't seem to cover the problem at all.

If you can tell me how to use FX automation over MIDI events please give us a shout. Thank you!

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Czar of Midi
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Nov 20, 2008 08:39 pm

The filters and such will only be able to be automated on the actual audio or synth audio track. If you have a VSTi synth and want to automate a filter VST you need to do it on the audio track of the synth.

But that said, if the synth has a filter section or envelope section you shoul be able to right click on the midi track and choose one of the synthes parameters to automate. You won't use the tool section to make the choice you will need to right click in the track. At least that is how it is for most other apps. I have not used Acid in a while so am not sure how Acid bring that menu up.

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