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Member Profile - 01/19/2004

About drayburn

Been in a couple of bands, but now I mostly write songs and record them for my enjoyment and that of others I know. Would love to be in a band again, but with a kid and my own business... I write stuff that ranges from old - style country to jazz to rock, acoustic and electric, doesn't matter- I love all kinds of music.

My Studio

Recorder: Boss BR1180cd
Mixer: Beringer Eurorack MXB1002
Alesis powered moniters
POD 2.0 for guitar
Shure KSM27,
2 Oktava MK012's,
Kay elec,
Epiphone Dot,
US Tele,
Alvarez acoustic,
Squire bass,
70's Fender Princeton amp,
Silvertone 60's amp
Peavey Classic 50
Pacific Drums

Contact Info

Email: [email protected]