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About Topti

Music composer and singer. A spiritual heir of a Farookh Bulsara and also the unofficial pope to the bowiean fraction of David's church. Enthusiastic amateur. Amazing lover. Whatever. :D

My interests contain music composition with arrangement + singing, guitars and keyboard instruments, philosophy and psychology of a creation process, psychocybernetics, jousting texts (like this one), comics and I'll think out some more soon...

For a long time I wanted to start a metal/rock band. Unfortunately my abilities (1st was guitar, then vocals) weren't enough or maybe I wasn't really putting my heart into developing them. Band idea died and a new one was born - freelancing composition, ekhmm...

Since I've no musical education many times I have to struggle numerous limitations of an amateur's mind. However through the years my love for music won and today I'm a beginning movie composer with 6 documentaries on my humble account.

NOW if you're interested in cooperating on any project that needs a musical touch, I'm here for ya. I'm also quite cheap (for now) and I don't really drink that much.

Anyway, if you like what You hear please leave a good word and let your karma return it soon! ;)

Few pieces are here on HRC, but if you're interested in hearing some more please visit

... for different movie works.

My Studio

- Yamaha PSR-290
- Yamaha FC-4 sustain pedal
- wooden fingers

- Cort Z44 GN
- Korg AX3G
- more wooden fingers

- Cockos' Reaper (DAW)
- M-Audio 2496 (soundcard)
- Evolution E-Keys 37 (midi controller)
- many VSTIs with main one Sonivox MUSE

Contact Info

Email: [email protected]