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About Indellable

IndellableMusic lover since before I can remember. Grew up with a mom that played 9 instruments. Brothers and sisters played another 3. Played classical violin and sang through high school. Then made the 180 degree turn to turntables in college. Started a record label that is still going strong in Brooklyn, NY. DJed around the country and in Mexico - also DJed for ESPNs X-Games for 3 years. Started making beats and now have a studio in Herndon, VA called Sleepy Hollows. The website is a little dated. We record vocalists and bands. Also produce and "engineer" for artists in all types of genres. Absolutely love recording and love learning new stuff on a daily basis....

My Studio

iMac 27" Quad Core
Macbook with Serato hooked up to turntables
Both networked together for filesharing

Korg Triton
Yamaha Motif
Native Instruments Maschine
MPC 1000
MPC 2000XL
Korg MS2000R
Accoustic Guitars

2 Yamaha HS80ms
1 KRK Rokit 10 Sub

Tascam US2400
Focusrite Voicemaster Platinum Pre
BLUE Babybottle & Bluebird
Shure SM57s
DBX 266XL compressor
Mackie Big Knob
2 Tech 12s and Vestax 05 mixer

Pro Tools
Digital Performer
Fruity Loops

Plug-ins:Wavs Diamond/Platinum, T-Racks, Guitar Rig, Motu, Focusrite, Isotope, etc.