Rob Stemple - The Czar of BS
Member Profile - 12/31/2007

About Rob Stemple

I have been a sound engineer in Philly for awhile now. Going on 15 years. I work for Bauder Audio Systems for the past 8. Married for the past 10 years to the most beautiful woman. And still trying to learn all of this.

My Studio

Don't record, but my pc's are:
Dell Percision M6300 w/Extreme X9000 CPU.
SSD 64 gigs drive.
4 gigs of RAM
WSXGA 17.1 Screen.

Motion Computing LE1700
2.8 Ghz Core2 CPU
80 gig drive
4 gigs of RAM
12" Ultra view anywhere screen

Sound Device USBPre
EarthWorks M30
Smaartlive 7.0
Smaartlive 6.0
Smaartlive 5.4
2 Dolby Lake DLP 412's

Contact Info

Email: [email protected]