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TadpuiC.D. Prewett

Songwriting is a cathartic process. It is good for the soul. In an amateur's hands, however, its not always good for the ears.

My Studio

__Guitar Rig__
Gibson Les Paul Classic 1960 (1998 model)
Aria Pro II RS Inazuma (1984 model)
Alvarez Regent elec. acoustic
Takamine nylon string elec. acoustic
Rondo SX 5-string Jazz Bass copy
Traynor YCV80 custom valve amp
- JJ ECC83S x 2/ECC832 x 1 in the preamp section
- JJ 6L6GC x 4 in the power section
Trace Acoustic TA-50R amp
Ibanez TS9 Tube Screamer
Boss NS-2 Noise Suppressor/Power Supply
Boss CS-3 Compression Sustainer
Boss BF-3 Flanger
Boss OC-2 Octave
Digitech GSP-21 Pro

__Studio Equipment__
Shure SM57 dynamic
MXL 990 large diaphragm condensor
MXL 993 small diaphragm condensor stereo pair
ART TubeMP mic preamp
Yamaha MG 10/2 mixer
Randall rackmount line mixer
Sennheiser HD-280 Pro headphones

LP Aspire bongo drums

Intel Celeron 1GHz
512 Mb PC133 RAM
Generic GeForce4 MX vid card
40GB Maxtor 7200 RPm hard drive
120GB Western Digital 5600 RPM hard drive
SBLive! Value
M-Audio Delta 44
Cambridge Soundworks/Creative Labs DTT3500 speakers
Plextor Plexwriter 12/10/32 CD-RW
Win XP Home

__Audio software__
Cubase SE
Audacity WAV editor
FL Studio
G-Tune 2.50
Various VST plugins from the RecordingDirectory here at HRC

Contact Info

Homepage: http://www.myspace.com/cdprewett