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About Shenanigans

ShenanigansHey all, I'm new to recording and I'm just getting into it. I decided to get the gear and do my best to learn because I'm in a band and I'd like to record us. I probably won't understand alof of the recording "jargon" at first but give me time, I'm not stupid.

I am however an experienced guitarist. I've played for 3 years but I'm pretty good for the short time I've played. I enjoy metal,hardcore,screamo and other rock styles and play songs from lots of them.

My Studio

Yamaha MG16/4
M Audio Delta 1010
3 Samson dynamic mics, not sure the exact model

Peavey 6505+ head
Peavey 5150 straight cab
ESP EC-1000
Epiphone LP-100 guitar
Behringer guitar-I think it's a v-tone

Contact Info

Email: [email protected]
AIM: jeremysuxatnames
MSN: [email protected]