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About Bluesdues

Late 40's, guitar player,I started playing at 15-16 years old, been away from the music for awhile. Blues, and rock 1st, but anything thats got some funk is good. Trying to understand the digital world, after finally getting a grip on analog. After 20 years of wanting to do it I've finished my basement and I have dedicated space for recording(now to get it set up). I don't know much music theory etc. I'm kind of learning recording the way I learned guitar...shooting from the hip. The blues is probably my number one joy in music I feel its like an egg full of emotion thats just been cracked open all over everything when its done right.

My Studio

Fenders, epiphones, gibsons, Dan electros's etc, Mackie 24-4, motu 896, presonus digimax LT, emagic logic control, tracktion 2, KRK Rokits, KRK RP5's, lots of other stuff I'm still figuring out. I'm still setting things up and hope to be running soon.

Imac intel core duo
Tracktion 3 software(Don't know much about using it yet)

As of June of 2010 I'll be trying to learn to use Presonus Studio One. It seems I'm not very good at getting around in the digital world of recording. But will be giving it a serious try.

Contact Info

Email: [email protected]