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Member Profile - 08/15/2005

About meltdown5

High-fi sound for a low-fi budget. A high tec, top of the line, residential based studio out of Pleasant Hill, Ca. We aim to please those bands who are serious about their music by offering great pro quality sound, for a beyond competitive low price. Faze 2 Studios is made by musicians for musicians BOTTOM LINE.

My Studio

Stuff is taken straight from my website:

Studio Software:
1. Sonar 5 Producers Edition
2. Kinetic 2

Studio Hardware:
1. Presonus FirePod
2. Line 6 Pod Xt Live
3. Yamaha MG16/6 Mixer
4. Presonus H4 headphone amp
5. Behringer Truth B2030A Monitors
6. Behringer Composer PRO-XL
7: BeyerDynamics DT770 headphones

1: RODE Nt5 (match pair) microphones
2. RODE Nt1000 microphone
3. Shure Beta 52 Microphone
4. Shure Sm58 Microphone
5. Three Shure Sm57 Microphones

1.Taylor 214 with L.R.Baggs M1 Active Pick-up

Contact Info

Email: [email protected]