Contributor Profile - 04/14/2002

About george

Started my musical life at about 5, with classical piano training. I continued with that until high school, competing in theory and performance along the way. In high school, I took up tenor saxophone and guitar. I started playing in bands on all the instruments I played so far, also sitting in occasionally on bass, and having to add flute to my stable for a horn band. Later I got a chance to do some recording for jingles/commercials. I ended up being the first call guitarist for Citisound recording, as well as helping out with synthesiser programming. Unfortunatley, the studio decided they couldn't afford to make the changeover to digital, and so, closed their doors. Increasingly frustrated with other's interpatations of my music, I decided to build my own recording studio. That's where I'm at now, building, buying and learning. Great fun. When I have time, I also fish Bass tournaments, Road and Mountain bike, and vegetable garden.

My Studio

Windows 98, 550 P3
Echoaudio Layla24
Joe Meek VC1Q
Furman AR-1215
Wavelab 3
GRM tools1
Waves Rennasance bundle
TCWorks reverb
Mics-2 AT4047s
2 AT4041s
a growing collection of Sennheiser 421s
Soundcraft/Spirit M12
Soundcraft/Spirit F1
Senn HD265 and ATM40fs headphones
Blue Kiwi and monster 500 cables

Instruments: Custom built 1981 Dean Elite with Duncan pearly gates and Kahler trem.
1982 Dean ML standard.
Late60s/Early 70s Fender Tele. Modern Fender Deluxe super strat with Kinmans and other customizations
Yamaha BBN4, Fender Southern Jumbo-Spruce/Rosewood
Fender hot rod deluxe w/celestion vintage 30
68 or 69 fender bassman(with bass channel)
Kurzweil SP88
Fender KXR100