Member Profile - 10/01/2002

About Nunoman

guitar player for 40 years. Recording freak now. Building a garage studio(actually garage sale studio). We have the computer set up and are using 16 tracks of ADAT for band recording. We play hard rock/jazz fusion.

My Studio

Les Paul, Washburn Nuno B. N2, Ovation 1984 collectors, '78 twin reverb, tons of different stomps(waiting on new Bi-Comprosser). Tascam M512 console, ADAT blackface, Behringer and Alesis outboard gear, Alesis studio monitors and amps, Magix Studio deluxe V7.0 on the comp. Lots of mics, Behringer MX1604 for the mics, BBE, etc.,etc..

Contact Info

Email: [email protected]