Misc. Instrument Miking Tips

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Some basic tips and concepts to record any instrument that you might encounter in your recording adventures.

All other instruments, assuming they are acoustic in nature, horns, banjo, sitar, etc. is miked by the sound hole, where ever that may be. This is, of course, also left up to the engineer and his personal taste. But the basic rule of thumb is to mic by the sound hole, maybe even a mic a few feet away also, like I explained in the guitar section, to give it a more full sound.

If the instrument is not acoustic, such as a keyboard or the like, run it directly into the mixing board and see how that sounds, it is the best way to get the strongest sound. If you don't like the direct sound, mic a speaker cabinet and record it that way.

Some of the more unusual, exotic instruments require some unusual, exotic recording methods, and some creativity, so experiment, unless Epic Records wants your tape tomorrow, you have time to play around to get the best sound, and learn something at the same time.

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