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Reverb, an often misunderstood and under-respected effect. Learn some great tips to using it to it's fullest.

Reverb is nothing more than the reflection's and delayed reflection bouncing off the walls. You can use different rooms or even appliances for this purpose. The garage of course is good for big verb, but lets deal with something you can control easier. Walk in the front door and you have the entryway, nice tight space good for short quick echoes. Use two mikes (and they don't have to be the big expensive ones) one up close and the other, well you can experiment with that one. I found that about 8-12 feet away gives a good effect. You will want to try different gain levels for the second mike. Higher levels bring noise, but you can use that to your advantage when you mix the two track together. The second mike can thicken up that lifeless digital track with that extra noise, I use it alot to make a little guitar amp with wimpy gain sound warmer and just plain grungier!!!! Oh and buy the way that second mike will have a slightly delayed signal which will add to that sort of tight verb sound or echo. David Bowie used to stack up to 7 yeah I said 7 mikes at different distances in a big cement hall to get a really thick sound on his voice.

The best place in the house though is the bathroom. With the door closed it can make for one nasty echo chamber. Again you can experiment with mike placement or hang more towels to soften it up or through em on the floor, whatever works. use the shower stall with the mike over it. Or have the mike in the stall and the amp or person outside singing in. Again with a little EQ and just the right amount of gain you can make even the wimpiest amp or singer sound BIG. My favorite is the mike in the shower stall and sing into it. If you have that second mike available hang it about 2-3 feet behind and almost at ceiling height to get a relay cool sound.

If you have a small amp stick it the oven and cook, hang the mike somewhere off center sort of down by the oven door. Again you can just fool around with where you put the mike and come up with what sounds good to you.You can even put the mike in the oven pointed in and set the amp outside, at the right levels it can sound like the guitar is in another room.

Don't forget the closets and laundry room. Try em all.

That's all for this time, and remember there might be rules to record by, BUT RULES WERE MEANT TO BE BROKEN besides, whose sound is it any way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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