Computer Based - Home Recording Tips

Read about recording issues that are specific to computer-based recording studios.

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PC-Based Home Studio Setup - Part II, Catch the Busses
What a couple extra busses on your mixer can gain you.
Contributed by dbmasters

Software Synthesizer Vocabulary
Whether you use VSTi, DXi or standalone and modular applications, this seemingly nonsense nomenclature needs some serious explaining
Contributed by Jamie Garrett

Bob Olhsson: Looking at Digital Recording
The views of a classic Motown engineer and his opinions on digital recording.
(On another website, opens in a new window)
Contributed by TapeOp

PC-Based Home Studio Setup - Part I, the basic configuration
A very effecient and effective studio setup for a one-man (or woman) band.
Contributed by dbmasters

Dual CPU Orientation
Thinking about setting up a dual CPU system...let HRC's newest contributor, and MCSE certificate holder, Mark Orlando give you some friendly advice.
Contributed by Mark Orlando

Core WaveLab - Working With Audio
Dan continues his look at WaveLab with a basic but useful look into the common functions of WaveLab for manipulating audio files with it's included dynamic effects and DirectX and VST plugins.
Contributed by dbmasters

Rubik's Revenge - A Look at Steinberg Cubase
A brief look at Steinberg's Cubase and what sets it apart of the competition.
Contributed by george

Core WaveLab - Configuring WaveLab and Your Computer to Perform
Continue the intro to WaveLab by learning how to configure your PC and WaveLab for maximum performance.
Contributed by dbmasters

Core WaveLab - Layout and Basics
Learn the basic interface of WaveLab 3, one of the best mastering tools on the market for the home recording artist or professional producer.
Contributed by dbmasters

Cakewalk Sonar - Part 1
Get an introduction to the new multitracking application from Cakewalk, Sonar, from avid Cakewalk user and supporter Paul Labarre.
Contributed by Noize2u

From Download to Arranging: Your Complete Guide to Drum Loop Manipulation
Need to make drum loops and don't have a bunch of cash to spend? If you have a PC, learn how to make great drum loops with totally free software.
Contributed by dbmasters

Noize2u, the reigning HRC Cakewalk advocate, gives his take on the recently released SONAR, the next generation of Cakewalk multitracking applications.
Contributed by Noize2u

Sound Card Basics
What in a sound card? What makes one better than another? What are all those specs and what do they mean to you? Read this to understand.
Contributed by dbmasters

Burning Compact Discs
How to tune your PC to efficiently burn CD's.
Contributed by dbmasters

Mastering in a PC environment
How does working in a PC environment differ from the traditional studio?
Contributed by dbmasters

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