Computer Based - Home Recording Tips

Read about recording issues that are specific to computer-based recording studios.

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Audacity Free Audio Editor
Let's take a look at this freeware audio editor and see what makes it stand out among free editors, and how to set it up.
Contributed by dbmasters

Best Multitrack Recording Software
There are lots of options for multitrack recording software out there, what is best or worst depends on your needs, techniques and habits, here are some options.
Contributed by dbmasters

Using MIDI with Reaper Digital Audio Workstation
Reaper is a shareware multitracking application with a quickly growing user base. Learn the basics of using MIDI with this quick tutorial.
Contributed by dbmasters

Slimming Down Microsoft Vista
Tune up and turn down this bloated OS
Contributed by dbmasters

Sound Card Drivers for Windows
Too many drivers, too little time, take a look at this brief overview to educate yourself a little before jumping and and buying anything. Updated.
Contributed by dbmasters

Computer based recording studio on the cheap
Open source software is coming into it's own, and there is enough out there now to make a pretty nice set up...
Contributed by dbmasters

An Introduction to the Art of Recording
Another look at the individual angles of both the pro and home recording process, and an overview of the gear and mentality you need to get started.
Contributed by PorpoiseMuffins

A Gumby's Guide to home-recording gear.
A look at computer based recording for a total and complete newbie.
Contributed by blueninjastar

Compression : using Waves plug-in's
An article I found on the Waves site that is a very good read and can help with a lot of compressor and limiter questions.
(On another website, opens in a new window)
Contributed by Geoff

Computer-Based Recording 101
An updated look at what it takes to get a computer-based home studio up and running.
Contributed by dbmasters

Resolving Your Computer Issues
Some good, common sense PC troubleshooting advice when your PC starts misbehaving.
Contributed by vdalehubbard

An Introduction to PC Home Recording on a Budget
Beginner's Guide to Getting Started in Home Recording with a PC.
Contributed by mcotton6

Tuning Windows XP
Getting the highest performance out of Windows XP.
Contributed by dbmasters

Creating a Dual Boot XP Installation
A Guide to creating two seperate Installations of Windows XP allowing you to create a custom, streamlined install purley for Audio Work.
Contributed by jues

Midi explained, part one
A basic explanation of what midi is and how it works. Part one of three.
Contributed by Noize2u

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