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hey guys well Im a pretty decent musician and I play my own piano/guitar and sing on my recordings but they all still sound unfinished because i have no drums or bass. Now I was wondering what are my options are here Im thinking midi is the way im going to have to do it. this means I have to get a midi controlle (keyboard) and just use that to do the rhythms and get the guitar and bass sounds off cubase?

I have a really old school drum machine but it doesnt have that many rhythms.

Any other ways I could go about it?

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Jan 14, 2006 10:05 pm

Which version of Cubase do you have first off?

Depending on the version you may allready have a couple of software synths that would do the job. There are many, even free ones out there now that will work in almost any software DAW save for a few that dont support VSTi or DXi instruments.

And yes, a small midi controller will make the job of programing drums and bass guitar much easier for you. Something like the Radium 49 from M-Audio will work great, and give you some extra controls to boot.

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