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I will be travelling to Brazil for an ethnomusicology project and wanted recommendations on field recording mics. For the most part I will be recording music involving alot of drums, singing etc. I will also be recording interviews. Can anyone recommend any good field mics for this purpose? I am willing to spend up to $1K, I am aiming for high quality recordings (close to it at this price).

I am looking for something that can withstand rugged travel, lightweight, and inconspicuous (Brazil has a high crime rate and don't want to be a target lugging expensive audio equipment).

I will be using an old Sony DAT TCD-D8. I hear DATS are becoming obsolete. Is that true? If so, what sort of equipment are they using now?

Your response is greatly appreciated.

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Aug 02, 2005 11:09 am

In my indie movie I use a Sennheiser ME66K6

It can be powered by either a standard AA battery or 48v phantom power. (needs the AA to pass the phantom power through though) It's a shotgun microphone so unless you can go into a local pro video store to buy one I would suggest only buying it from B&H online as there are a lot of scam stores for video production.

You would also need a shock mount, pistol grip, and blimp/windscreen.

do not go into a music instrument store like sam ash or guitar center to buy this style of mic as it is way out of their standard inventory and will only maybe carry cheap ones... they _may_ be able to special order it.

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Aug 02, 2005 11:16 am

A lot of people are moving to campactflash digital recorders or hard disk recorders... however I nhave recioently learned that hard disks are very fragile... as I have lost 3 hard drives in the last month due to mechanical failures.

The Edirol R4 seems popular now though

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Feb 14, 2012 10:32 pm

Hey Zendadachick,

Just curious as to how this project went and what microphones you decided to go with. I'm looking at doing a similar thing with recording music in the field so any advice would be awesome.


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Feb 15, 2012 02:12 pm

I use the Zoom H4N and I love it. Very flexible and fun.

Here is a recording using it.

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